Emergency Services Division

Emergency Services Division Overview:

  • Office of Emergency Services (OES)
  • Emergency Services Support Unit (ESSU - Volunteers)
  • Community Warning System (CWS)
  • Grants Program
  • Homeland Security Unit

The Office of Emergency Services is responsible for planning, outreach, and training as it relates to Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness. Additionally, Homeland Security maintains partnerships with infrastructure partners, as well as local, state and federal agencies in order to share critical information to safeguard persons and property.  Homeland Security reviews tips and leads to ensure appropriate agencies and resources are notified.

Helpful resources

Call (925) 646-4461 with any emergency preparedness and/or disaster management questions



Planning Work Groups – OES works with a multitude of disaster management partners and stakeholders in addition to emergency planning colleagues.  Some examples of these efforts include participation and/or leading the following activities:

  • Lafayette Emergency Preparedness Commission
  • American Red Cross External Relations and Leadership Council
  • Developmental Disabilities Council
  • Public Health / Environmental Health / Public Health Lab
  • Antioch High School Public Safety and Leadership Academy Advisory Board
  • West County Disaster Council
  • Department of Water Resources Delta Workgroup
  • Medical Health Coalition
  • East County Disaster Coalition
  • People with Disabilities, the Elderly and Children
  • Operational Area Council
  • Health Equity Team
  • County Risk Management Safety and Disaster Coordinators
  • Cybersecurity Task Force
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission Response Committee
  • Kensington Public Safety Council
  • Paratransit Coordinating Council
  • Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster (VOAD)
  • Community Awareness in Emergency Response Action Teams (CAER)
  • Coastal Regional Hazardous Materials Response Organization (CRHMRO)
  • Petrochemical Mutual Aid Organization (PMAO)
  • County Public Information Officers Team
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Staff Teams

The collaborative efforts of those listed above, and many other partnerships built along the way, contribute to strong professional relationships, which result in solid emergency management planning for our whole community.

Programs – FAST (Functional Assessment Service Team), NWS Storm Ready status, SHSGP, EMPG and UASI Grants

Projects – Spontaneous Volunteers and Donations Management, EOC Readiness (monitoring, partial or full activations), Flood Safety Response

Annual Exercises and Drills – Dow, Medical/Health, Refinery, CAER School Shelter in Place, Great Shakeout, OES, city and special districts table top exercises.