Fiscal Services

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The Fiscal Unit is managed by the Department Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Unit handles budget preparation, accounts payable, accounts receivable and grant management. In collaboration with Sheriff's Office bureau command staff, fiscal managers develop and manage the Office annual budget. Monthly monitoring of revenue and expenditures ensures our agency stays within the approved Net County Cost. Accounts Payable staff processes invoices for payment and employee travel reimbursement requests for work-related travel.  Accounts Receivable staff is responsible for billing other companies and agencies that use our services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Payroll Unit

The Payroll Unit is managed by the Director of Support Services – Contracts & Payroll. This unit handles all payroll related processes to include the timely input of overtime cards and absence report forms for sworn and non-sworn employees. This unit updates state and federal exemptions as requested by the employee. They conduct monthly audits of data entry and accruals and act as the Office liaison with the County’s Auditor, Controller’s Office, and Human Resources Benefit’s Unit.

Contracts Unit

The Contracts Unit is managed by the Director of Support Services – Contracts & Payroll.  This unit manages contracts from the beginning stages of the contract to a fully executed contract. The unit processes County Demands related to all contracts in place. The Contracts Unit keeps track of all contracts in place and renews contracts as needed. The unit acts as a liaison between County Counsel, contractor, and the Office of the Sheriff staff.

Grants Unit

The Chief of Management Services oversees the Grants Unit and is the principal point of contact for all grants. The Grant Accountant is the financial point of contact for all grants.

The Grants Unit is responsible for the monitoring, reporting, and reconciliation of grants awarded to the Sheriff’s Office from Federal, State, and local partnering agencies. As the fiscal or pass through agent, Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff provides policy, financial and program guidance to its bureaus, direct contractors, and sub-recipients in the following areas:

  • Grant Application
  • Grant Expenditures
  • Grant Claims and Revenues
  • Grant Finance & Program Reporting