Inmate Programs and Services

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The mission of Inmate Programs and Services is to provide for a variety of needs of incarcerated individuals with the intent to reduce the impact of crime on the community.  This is accomplished by assisting inmates with acquiring the skills, attitudes, and values required to find and maintain jobs, becoming socially responsible and making positive contributions to their families and communities.

Inmate services/programs offered at one or more of the detention facilities include:

  • DEUCE (Substance abuse, anger and stress management, job development)
  • Computer applications, including web design
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Parenting
  • AA/NA
  • Independent Study
  • Transitional Services
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • GED/ High School Diploma preparation and testing

Other vocational programs include:

  • Inmate Industries
    This program includes the Sign/Engraving Shop and the Frame Shop. It offers a wide variety of products and services such as engraving, vinyl banners, signs (both inside and outside), sublimation, framing, and matting. Customers include any government agency, non-profit organizations, and Sheriff’s Office employees. Inmates learn valuable skills that can be utilized to secure stable employment upon their release from custody.  WCDF Vocational instructors also provide letters of recommendation for released inmates seeking employment in the community.
  • Landscape Program
    This program teaches inmates landscaping skills such as soil preparation, planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, grass and other ground covers; and irrigation system maintenance.  Inmates also learn to operate various landscaping equipment properly and safely. 


Library Services include full-service browsing libraries for both male and female inmates.  A wide selection of books and periodicals are available for check out.  A reference library provides books for use during scheduled visits.  All libraries are staffed and maintained by an on-site librarian.

Legal information is provided by Legal Research Associates Incorporated.

Full-Time Chaplains, paid for through the Inmate Welfare Fund and its fundraising activities, provide chaplaincy services through a contract between the Office of the Sheriff and the Bay Area Chaplains. They manage over 200 volunteers who donate their services and assist the chaplains in meeting the diverse religious and spiritual needs of all inmates. Chaplains provide counseling, religious services, and bible studies. They also deliver requested religious materials, and they review all requests for religious diets.

Inmate services/programs are primarily funded through the Inmate Welfare Fund (IWF). IWF's primary sources of revenue are the sale of commissary items and Inmate Industry operations.