Special Operations Division

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The Special Operations Division falls within the Field Operations Bureau.  The Division provides 24-hour law enforcement services to the incorporated cities and Special Districts through law enforcement contracts.  Additionally, the Special Operations Division encompasses the Marine Services and Air Support Units.

The Special Operations Division is commanded by a Captain, with individual departments, districts and units managed by a Lieutenant. The Captain works regularly with the Bureau Assistant Sheriff and the Patrol Division Commander.

Contract Cities:

 As an alternative to establishing their own police departments, the Special Operations Division provides the overall police management of the following incorporated cities:

  • Danville Police Department. The Danville Police Department began its contractual service model in 1982. The Department has 2 Lieutenants, 6 Sergeants, 15 Patrol Officers, 3 Traffic Officers, 2 Detectives and 2 School Resource Officers.
  • Lafayette Police Department.  The Lafayette Police Department was established in 1969. The Department has 1 Police Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 9 Patrol Officers, 2 Traffic Officers, 2 Investigators and 1 Youth Services Officer.
  • Orinda Police Department.  The Orinda Police Department began its contractual service model in 1986.  The Department has 1 Police Lieutenant, 1 Detective Sergeant, 1 Patrol Sergeant, 1 Detective, 9 Patrol Officers and 1 Traffic Enforcement Officer.

Air Support Unit:

The Air Support Unit was established by the Office of the Sheriff in 1997 as an innovative means to better serve the public by reducing crime and increasing boater safety on the Bay and Delta waterways. The Air Support Unit is located at Buchanan Field in Concord. The Unit operates two STARR helicopters capable of performing a variety of missions to include search and rescue, short haul rescue operations, airborne fire suppression and tactical support to law enforcement personnel on both land and water.

Marine Services Unit:

The Marine Services Unit is comprised of the Marine Patrol and Dive Team.  The Marine Patrol is located in Oakley and patrols over 200 miles of linear coastline from Discovery Bay to Richmond. The Marine Services Unit is also responsible for providing contractual law enforcement services to the Contra Costa Water District at Los Vaqueros Reservoir.

A.C. Transit District:

The Alameda Contra-Costa County Transit District works in conjunction with each other to provide police services to the ridership of the passengers who ride A.C. Transit bus lines.  The A. C. Transit Unit patrols bus lines and through high visibility helps to ensure public safety in addition to enforcing state laws and local regulations.  The A. C. Transit Police Services Unit began its contractual service model in 1989. The Unit has 1 Lieutenant, 7 Deputies and 1 Student Worker.

Health Services Security Unit

The Health Services Security Unit consists of 35 dedicated sworn and professional staff who provide law enforcement service to the Health Services Department and the Employment and Human Services Department in Contra Costa County.

Through a contract with the Office of the Sheriff, staff assigned to the Unit provides law enforcement services at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, eleven Health and Mental Health clinics, and twelve Employment and Human Services sites.

The Health Services Security Unit is committed to providing the highest level of policing services to the employees and consumers that we serve. The Health Services Security Unit can be reached at (925) 370-5192.