Records & ID Unit

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The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Records & ID Unit is the repository, retrieval, and records management center for all of the official police reports, warrants, and county-wide restraining orders for the unincorporated areas of the county and Sheriff’s contract cities.

Records personnel process requests for information regarding police reports and out-of-custody inmate inquiries. 

Other services provided by the Records & ID Unit include Visa and clearance letters and statistical information. 

Walk-ins are welcomed at our Records & ID Unit counter for services provided by the staff.

The Records & ID Unit is opened Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM. It is located at:

2530 Arnold Drive, Suite 170
artinez, CA  94553
Office: (925) 335-1570
Fax: (925) 335-1588

 Questions can be emailed to -


Important Information

  • Valid Identification is required for all services the Sheriff’s Records Unit provides (DMV renewal paper receipt will not be accepted).
  • The Sheriff’s Records Unit has ten days to respond to all requests.
  • We accept fees paid in cash - exact change only or check. No credit/debit cards.
  • For criminal histories, arrest records, copies of citations, dispositions, court dates and records, warrant checks and Information, and restraining order information, please contact the Superior Court, 725 Court St., Martinez or Call (925) 608-1000.
  • For crime statistics, call (925) 335-1592.
  • To check the status on a case, call Investigations Division at (925) 313-2600.
  • For evictions or to have someone served, call Civil Unit at (925) 313-4200.
  • For formal charges, call the District Attorney's Office at (925) 957-2200.
  • For inmate information, call the Martinez Detention Facility at (925) 646-4493.



The Identification Unit (previously known as the Central Identification Bureau and Central Identification Services) is a 24/7 operation which processes incoming Live Scan arrest submissions from every agency within Contra Costa County in order to verify the identity of subjects in custody.

A notification is then submitted back to the arresting agency with any differences being noted so that proper warrant checks can be conducted.

The Identification Unit serves as the county’s Custodian of Records, housing all arrest fingerprint records for Contra Costa County. The local Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is comprised of arrest fingerprint Tenprint cards from Contra Costa County as well as Alameda County with funding being supplied by the Regional RAN Board. Contra Costa County has a staff of Fingerprint Technicians as well as Supervising Fingerprint Technicians who work around the clock to provide services to the public and law enforcement agencies.



Forms and Applications

Records and ID Unit Fee Schedule

Application for Cardroom Employee Work Permit

Application for Local Record Review

Peddler Solicitor Checklist and Application 

Petition to Seal and Destroy Adult Arrest Records

Police Report Request from Insurance Company 

Police Report Request From Third Party on Behalf of an Insurance Company

Police Report Request from Victim, Driver or Registered Owner

Request for Release of Juvenile Case Information

Request from Lawyers/Law Office for Victim, Drivers or Registered Owner