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Photo of Handgun on a Persons BeltApplications and licenses for the carrying of a concealed weapon (CCW) are issued by the Sheriff or his/her designee and registered with the California Department of Justice pursuant to provisions associated with California Penal Code Sections 26150 – 26225.

The Sheriff’s Designee, for the daily administration of the CCW program, is the Internal Affairs Lieutenant.



To Concealed Carry Weapon License Applicant

The process to obtain a CCW License includes: completing the standard California Department of Justice application, Live Scan (electronic fingerprinting), formal interview, training, the collection of license fees, and in some cases, psychological testing may be required.

CCW Applications

Any resident of Contra Costa County who is a United States citizen and/or is otherwise permitted to purchase a firearm in the State of California may obtain an application by using the link below, Department of Justice Standard Initial and Renewal Application for a License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (BOF 4012 Rev. 11/2012) or a request for an application may be received in person, by phone or United States mail.

Sheriff’s Jurisdiction for Issue of CCW Licenses

The Sheriff may issue a license to any person residing within a municipality, including those that have police services contracted with the Office of the Sheriff. However, persons residing in a municipality are encouraged to first contact their local Police Chief and apply for the license with that Agency.


Step One
Initial Application Instructions – Read Carefully


  1. The applicant must be a full-time resident of Contra Costa County.

  2. Complete the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms Standard Initial & Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon. If the application is not legible or complete, it will be returned.

  3. DO NOT sign pages 3, 8 or 11. This will be done in the presence of the Lieutenant in charge of the CCW program at the time of the interview.

  4. COMPLETE SECTION 7 (Investigator’s Interview Notes) in its entirety.

  5. Obtain copies of the following items to INCLUDE WITH THE APPLICATION SUBMISSION:
    • California Driver’s License
    • Two current, consecutive utility bills, or other sufficient proof of full-time residency within the county of Contra Costa as indicated on the application.

  6. When the State application has been completed in its entirety, and the necessary attachments have been obtained, please forward to:

    Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff
    Attn: CCW Coordinator
    1850 Muir Road
    Martinez, CA 94553

  7. Once the application is received and reviewed, the applicant will proceed to Step 2 of the process.

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office does not collect application fees at the time of application submission.


Step Two
Livescan (Electronic Fingerprinting)

  1. In order to assess eligibility, a Live Scan is required. Once the Live Scan is completed the response time from the DOJ is 6-8 weeks.

  2. An instructional letter and “Request for Live Scan Service” form will be sent via mail to the address indicated on the application.

  3. The instructional letter provides the California Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General’s website to find the location that is most convenient to make an appointment. This website allows the ability to search by County and City to locate the closest business to complete this process.

  4. The “Request for Live Scan Service” form must be given to the Live Scan service provider, as it includes the necessary routing information that will direct the response to our agency. It is necessary that only the Applicant Information section is completed with the exception of the Billing Number, Misc. Number those are not to be completed.

    The section entitled Your Number and Employer are not to be completed.

  5. Once the results of the Live Scan is received and it is determined that the applicant is eligible to proceed with the process, the Lieutenant in charge of the CCW program will make contact and schedule a formal interview. The applicant will then proceed to Step 3 of the application process.

The CCW applicant is responsible for the Live Scan fees.


Step Three
Background Investigation/Interview

  1. The purpose of a background investigation is to determine an applicant’s qualification and establish some reasonable expectation of suitability for a CCW. In some cases psychological testing may be required.

  2. CONFIDENTIALITY – Information developed during a CCW background investigation, unless specifically waived by the applicant or subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act, shall be deemed confidential except in cases where evidence of unreported criminal activity surfaces.

  3. Upon completion of the FBI, DOJ clearance, and background check all eligible applicants will be required to have a face to face interview to review and sign the application.

  4. Upon completion of the interview, the application package will be reviewed by the Sheriff for consideration for the issuance of a CCW.

  5. Generally, the applicant will receive notification within 30 days from the date of the interview whether or not the application for a CCW license has been approved or denied.

  6. If the applicant has been approved contact will be made to proceed to Step 4 of the process.

  7. If the applicant was denied for a CCW license a denial letter will be sent. Applicants may appeal if their application is denied. The appeal request must be submitted in writing to:

    Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff
    Concealed Carry Weapons Processing Unit/Internal Affairs
    1850 Muir Road
    Martinez, CA 94553

    A second denial is final, and there is no additional appeal.


Step Four
Fees/Weapons/Range Qualification and Training

The license type and associated fees are listed below:


90-Day Employment CCW

Two-Year Standard CCW

County Fees

$ 100.00

County Fees

$ 100.00

Registration Fee for Training Class

$ 60.00

Registration Fee for Training Class

$ 60.00


$ 160.00


$ 160.00

Three-Year Judge CCW

Four Year Peace Officer CCW

County Fees

$ 100.00

County Fees

$ 100.00

Registration Fee for Training Class

$ 60.00

Registration Fee for Training Class

$ N/A


$ 160.00


$ 100.00

(Note: County Fees waived for CCCSO Reserves)

*INITIAL DOJ Fees are collected during Livescan Fingerprinting, and are not part of the CCW application process.


  1. Contra Costa County allows a CCW license holder to list two (2) weapons on an issued permit.

  2. If the applicant is approved contact will be made via telephone to set up the necessary following appointments:
    • Training/Range Qualification
    • Office visit to complete paperwork & pay fees

  3. New CCW applicants must successfully pass a course of instruction/training as provided or recognized by the Office of the Sheriff prior to the issuance of the license. During the course of that instruction/training, the applicant must pass a written exam and demonstrate firearms proficiency during a qualification shoot by a qualified Sheriff’s Office Range Master. Currently, the only CCW course is offered by the Office of the Sheriff and is instructed by a Sheriff’s Office Range Master.

  4. The results will be forwarded to the CCW Coordinator by the Range staff.

  5. The Sheriff will conduct a final review of the application after the training and qualification certification has been submitted. The license will then be generated and signed off by the Sheriff.

  6. The Sheriff may place restrictions on a license if he/she deems warranted. The restrictions may include time, place, manner, and circumstances under which the licensee may carry the weapon.

  7. The applicant will be notified via telephone by the CCW Coordinator to either schedule an appointment to pick up the license or have it sent via United States mail.


For questions regarding the application process, contact:
CCW Coordinator
Telephone: (925) 655-0059




Click the link below to download the instructions.

Concealed Carry Weapon License Application Instructions